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Image in poetry: the poesiefestival berlin colloquium

On 24 June 2007, poets and scientists will be discussing image in poetry as part of the poesiefestival berlin

What is the relationship between the visual image and poetic language? At this year's poesiefestival berlin colloquium on 24 June, poets, philosophers, literary experts, psychologists and theologians will come together to discuss a major enigma: image in poetry.

The poesiefestival berlin is an opportunity to determine the current situation in the poetry world and discuss important poetological issues in an interdisciplinary context. Image and metaphor have a close link to perception, image and imagination. But what links imagination with the abstract image of language? Poetry has its own representative image. It produces linguistic images, which are more than mere descriptions. So poetry has its own representative image. But how can it be defined? At this year's colloquium, scientists from various specialist areas and poets will be discussing the relationship between image and poetry.

The eighth poesiefestival berlin will take place from 23 June to 1 July 2007. The focus of this year's festival is the poetry of Canada and Quebec.

Sunday, 24 June 2007, 11am
Colloquium: image in poetry
Maschinenhaus, Kulturbrauerei

With: Sieghild Bogumil (comparatist, Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Eva Maltrovsky (theologian, University of Vienna), Hans Markowitsch (Psychologist, Bielefeld University), Michael Roes (author, Berlin), Thomas Rosenlöcher (author, Dresden), Anja Utler (author, Vienna), Lorenz Wilkens (religious scientist, Freie Universität Berlin), Siegfried Zielinski (media scientist, Berlin University of the Arts)

Hosted by Michael Braun (literary critic, Heidelberg) and Matthias Kroß (Einstein Forum Potsdam)

Sponsored by the Capital Cultural Fund.

Boris Kruse

Literaturwerkstatt Berlin

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